Suing the school after your child has an accident or incident on a school excursion

Excursions are supposed to be a fun part of your child's education, but if not planned and supervised correctly can become a dangerous outing. If your child comes home from an excursion with injuries, here are some of the steps to take. 

Get your child to immediately recount what has happened

As children often struggle to remember events if they are very stressed, it can be useful to get an immediate recount of what has happened. You might consider recording your child's immediate comments so that there is no confusion over the story changing over time. At the same time, it can be useful to gather any other information from other sources such as the injury report from the school, any details from teachers or parents helpers and any information that you can get from the parents of other students on the excursion. 

Get some medical treatment as soon as possible

The next step is to get medical treatment. This can include counselling if the accident has caused your child stress, as children may not be eager to head back to school if they have had a traumatic experience on the excursion. This medical treatment forms part of the evidence for any action that you take against the school so it is useful to ask the medical professionals for a full assessment and report of your child's condition. 

Discuss the matter with the school

Make an appointment to discuss how the matter has occurred, and what the school plans to do to correct this issue. This may include disciplinary action for the supervising staff, recompense for the medical treatment required, an apology and a change in school procedures.

Speak with a personal injury lawyer

The next step, if you are not happy with the way that school has handled the matter the next step is to get in contact with a personal injury lawyer. They can help to negotiate an out of court settlement, or help you to bring legal action against the school. If your child is not happy with continuing at the school in addition to the medical costs you can also claim for costs associated with moving to a new school, any income you have lost as a parent attending medical appointments with your child as well as pain and suffering compensation.

Excursions should be a fun experience which enhances learning rather than causing injuries. If your child is injured after an excursion you should follow up the matter so that you child can see how much you care about them.