Three Indispensable Precautions for Preparing for Partner Visa Application

Relationships across borders have become more common with the current diverse platforms for dating. Unfortunately, immigration to live with your spouse or partner is still a challenging process. Therefore, if you have formed a genuine relationship and would like to immigrate, consult a migration specialist for help with your partner visa application.

The partner visa is designed to allow spouses and partners of Australian citizens and residents to immigrate into the country. The document accommodates existing marriages, de facto couples and long-distance relationships, making it the ideal solution for most partners. However, the application process is stringent to prevent fraudulent habits. Here are crucial guidelines for preparing for the partner visa application and avoiding common mistakes.

Know Your Options

You should understand the options for the application to avoid losses and delays. In general, partner visas can be granted as offshore and onshore documents. As implied, the onshore visa is designed for applicants already in the country using another type of visa. You can remain in the country during the processing period if you have a different active or bridging visa. Offshore partner visas are ideal for partners living outside the country. The applicants must remain outside the borders until the partner visa is approved. Discuss the best approach with your significant other before applying. For instance, you can choose a different visa type for immigration or live outside until the processing period is complete.

Discuss the Relationship

The most critical factor in partner visa approval is the authenticity of the relationship. The application will be rejected if the assessment reveals unusual factors that indicate a false or fraudulent relationship. Therefore, you should discuss the details of your lives openly with your partner to avoid surprises. Moreover, ensure you are on the same page regarding the relationship timeline.

Keep in mind that the immigration department will be on the lookout for inconsistencies in your stories. Therefore, take note of the milestones in the relationship, such as your first meetings, dating experiences and living arrangements. Also, prepare your relationship history statement together and include all the significant moments and an outlook for the future.

Review the Visa Details

Finally, check and review the details for the partner visa application. Seemingly minor oversights will lead to the rejection of the immigration approval and the loss of the high application fee. For example, ensure you know the timelines imposed on partner visas before starting the process. Do not miss crucial deadlines, and check for feedback consistently to guarantee timely responses.