All You Need to Know About the Australian Partner Visa

The Australian partner visa (subclass 820) allows the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen to live in the country for 15 to 24 months. Read on to learn how you can apply for a tourist partner visa.  Qualifying for the Visa Applicants must provide sufficient proof that they are either spouses or de-facto partners of Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New-Zealand citizens. Married couples must be genuinely committed to each other and willing to live together. Read More 

Immigration: Understanding the Prospective Marriage Visa

The prospective marriage visa is commonly known as the fiancĂ© visa, and it is officially referred to as the subclass 300 visa. As implied, this document is designed to allow non-citizens and non-residents to migrate into Australia and marry their prospective spouse. You can apply for this visa if you are planning on marrying an Australian citizen, a qualifying New Zealand citizen or even a permanent resident in the country. Here are the important elements that you should understand about the prospective marriage visa before applying. Read More 

How to Find Out Where Cockroaches Are Hiding in Your Home

Cockroaches can be tricky to find; in fact, it usually takes a while for people to realise that they might have staged a little home invasion. If you do think your home has been infested, it's smart to see if you can find their main nest. Just a few cockroaches can be taken out easily enough, but you'll want to check for a larger infestation to make sure you don't need professional assistance. Read More 

Suing the school after your child has an accident or incident on a school excursion

Excursions are supposed to be a fun part of your child's education, but if not planned and supervised correctly can become a dangerous outing. If your child comes home from an excursion with injuries, here are some of the steps to take.  Get your child to immediately recount what has happened As children often struggle to remember events if they are very stressed, it can be useful to get an immediate recount of what has happened. Read More 

Essential Rules for New Detectorists

Children grow up with stories of hidden treasure that engage the mind and get the heart racing. Some of those kids continue along that exciting road by taking up archaeology as a hobby. Detecting allows you to unearth archaeological finds that have remained buried for hundreds or even thousands of years. In addition to the thrill of touching a piece of history, there is the thrill that your find could make you a wealthier person. Read More