Essential Rules for New Detectorists

Children grow up with stories of hidden treasure that engage the mind and get the heart racing. Some of those kids continue along that exciting road by taking up archaeology as a hobby. Detecting allows you to unearth archaeological finds that have remained buried for hundreds or even thousands of years. In addition to the thrill of touching a piece of history, there is the thrill that your find could make you a wealthier person. Read More 

Panic Attacks - How Your Psychologist Can Help

Panic attacks, also known as panic disorder, can be overwhelming and can really interfere with your ability to function normally on a daily basis.  An experienced psychologist can help you to overcome the debilitating effects of panic attacks.  Read on to find out more. What is panic disorder? Panic disorder causes sufferers to experience feelings of unprovoked, irrational terror, fear, and dread.  Other symptoms of a panic attack can include: Read More 

Four Resume Mistakes That Actuaries Sometimes Make

The Australian insurance industry offers excellent opportunities for trained actuaries, and skilled candidates are always in demand. As such, actuaries can earn significant sums of money, and it's not unusual for a senior actuary to earn at least $200,000 a year. Nonetheless, to get the job you want, your resume must still give a recruiter all the information he or she needs. Make sure you can land your dream job, and avoid the four following resume mistakes some actuaries make. Read More